Here you can find all sorts of downloads.


Thps3 Level Mod

This mod gives you the ability to play new levels! Current version includes Kona USA,Paris, Oil Rig,London etc.



 Mod Menu which allows you to toggle helpful things in game like: Slap On/Off,Moon Gravity,Space ollie etc. Password:ToNyDoNtChEaT


No CD Crack 1.01

 Lets you play your game without your cd.


Fast Airtricks

 Allows you to do your tricks faster. Helpful in trick attack



 Changes The 10minutes time option to 10seconds


No Height Limit

 Allows you to make your skater as tall and as small as you want.


Unlimited Chat

 Lets you write as much text as you want online.


Lightsaber mod

 This mod gives you  the ability to skate with a lightsaber in your hand.


Thps3 Music Changer 

 This allows you to change the default music with songs that you like.


TDX Modifier

This mod lets you to change the textures of your favourite maps to whatever you want. 



onDrugs GameSpy Menu & HUD

 This is the GameSpy and HUD designed for the onDrugs clan which was made by me. 


Thug2 Manualbar

 This is the manualbar that was featured in THUG2


Thug2 Specialbar

 This is the special bar that was featured in THUG2